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Hi, I had a question about the redrawer application pages; on the first page, did you want us to get rid of the text on the first panel, under the title? I couldn't remember if you normally leave that part be or not. Thanks!

Yep, every bit of text on those pages should be gone! Although it’s probably not going to be part of the standard procedure, we decided that it would be a good requirement for the application, since the skill would be a great asset to the team should the need arise.

Thanks again to all those who are applying - we hope to review your submissions soon! Good luck!

Hey there, Norawgami readers! Sick of long waits between chapters? Ever wanted to help out and become an important member of the scanlation group? Well, now’s your chance! ☆

Sadly, our main redrawer had to leave the team recently, so we’re looking for someone to fill her position. As you may be aware by now, Noragami is a manga with a lot of sound effects and dialogue overlaid on the artwork –so much, in fact, that our two remaining cleaners are getting overwhelmed. If you recall, we’ve had to start using magazine scans, which means the cleaners have their hands full just trying to make the pages look halfway decent. While they were able to handle the redraws themselves back when we were using tankobon scans, it’s simply too much work to split between two people now. So, we’ve decided to reach out to you all for help!

In short, we’re looking for someone to redraw backgrounds and characters where they’re covered by “voiceover” dialogue, sound effects, advertisements, etc., or cut off by the binding in double page spreads.

  • Ideally, we’d like someone who’s already familiar with the scanlation process, and is comfortable dealing with both lineart and screentones. Experience isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is a plus.

  • We won’t lie, the workload may get pretty heavy from time to time. The amount of redraws needed varies by chapter, with the Noragami Shuuishuu chapters (which we plan on doing when we’re caught up with the manga) being very redraw-heavy. But since we don’t have strict release deadlines, we’re able to be very flexible with our schedule.

  • We communicate almost entirely via a group Skype (text) chat, so you’ll have to be willing to put up with us there.

If you think you have what it takes to be a redrawer for Norawgami, please remove all text and sound effects from this page and this page, and join these two pages together. When you’re finished, email them to us at norawgami@gmail.com! Please direct any questions to our ask box or email. We’ll select a new redrawer soon, hopefully!

Good luck and happy redrawing! ☆

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Hello! I have a small question about the recently released chapter. This is possibly a spoiler alert for non-manga readers/people who didn't read the chapter yet, but is Mayu/Tomone the grandmother's daughter or something? I'm still confused.

Thanks for your question— I’ll stick the response under the Read More, in case people want to avoid any spoiler material.

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NORAGAMI by Adachitoka- Chapter 43- "A Guarded Secret"


Poor Yato and his false hopes and dashed dreams of getting a real job, strung along by bird calls… Yep, I’d say this chapter rates a ten out of Tenjin in my book.

As always, if you spot any mistakes or have any questions, drop us a line either over tumblr or at norawgami@gmail.com ! In the case of questions, please check the FAQ to see if it’s been answered there first!

Hi hi! *waves enthusiastically* so may I first begin by presenting my utmost gratitude, your scans are awesome!!! ありがとうございます!and now for my question...I'm so sorry to annoy you with this, but I was wondering if chapter 43 would be up before the release of 44?

Thank you for reading our work, your constant support really means a lot to us!

At this point in time, we’re a bit more than 4/5 of the way through with chapter 43 in terms of progress. There are still a couple of pages that need to be dealt with. As always, we can’t say for sure when exactly it will all be ready, but it should be very soon. We apologize for the wait - thank you again for your patience!

NORAGAMI by Adachitoka- Chapter 42- "The Harbinger of Disaster"


Ah, the long-awaited chapter 42. How Daikokute, you might think. Enjoy your big Kofuckyou in the face instead. 

Anyway, we’re proud to present this chapter for your reading pleasure at last, and thank you all for your patience! Once again, we would like to apologise for the delays as magazine scans are much more time-consuming to clean than tankobon, but it’s either them or the online scans of dubious quality, and we’d much prefer to deliver the former to you!

As always, if you spot any mistakes or have any questions, drop us a line either over tumblr or at norawgami@gmail.com ! In the case of questions, please check the FAQ to see if it’s been answered there first!

Hey there! I'm sorry, I realize you probably get messages like this a lot, but um... about how much longer do you think chapter 42 will take? Because I've been checking your site multiple times a day and it's driving me crazy. I mean, do you think it'll be more like "tomorrow" or like "a week" or something else? Just having a little bit of info would set my mind at ease anyway. :) ALL THAT SAID thank you so much for scanlating this manga, you guys are my heroes.


Please believe us when we say not even we know for certain. Assuming none of us had any other responsibilities or obligations, we could probably get 42 out in two more days, but right now we’re all pretty busy, so there’s a chance we won’t be able to release until this weekend. Things keep coming up, so we really can’t give more than a ballpark estimate.

We’d like to thank you for your continued patience and support, though!!

Hi! I read that you buy the noragami issues and then scanlate from there? Won't it be easier to use the raws from senmanga or some other site?

It’s not a matter of ease, it’s about quality. If we use someone else’s scans, there’s a chance the scan won’t be any good, or will be too small, or pages will be missing, or someone will have touched up the page badly and have messed up the artwork, or any other number of problems that can really only be avoided or fixed by communicating with the person doing the scanning.

tl;dr - We like the control scanning ourselves gives us!!

just wanted to know When will chapter 32 be out?

After 42 and possibly 43. We’re not sure yet. Our main focus right now is getting 42 out, but the horrible printing quality is really slowing us down. Sorry about the wait, rest assured we’re still doing our best for you all! 

Hi thanks so much for all that you guys have done keep it up! And I was wondering when is Noragami released in Japan? Is it released monthly?? Thank you!!!

You’re right, Noragami is released monthly in the Monthly Shounen Magazine! There isn’t exactly a set date on which it goes on sale every month, but it tends to be within the first week. Keep in mind that the magazine issue numbers are always 1 more than the current month: For example, the upcoming chapter, Chapter 43, will be released on June 6th in the July issue.

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