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NORAGAMI by Adachitoka- Chapter 44- "Crossing Swords, Crossing Destinies"


This release was posted on batoto way before we got this tumblr update post up because some idiot sucks at having responsibility. We apologize for the delay in dishing this chapter out to all of you HOWEVER we have a new cleaner and redrawer on board so we hope to up our game back up! YEAH! Enjoy chapter 44! Smooch!

As always, if you spot any mistakes or have any questions, drop us a line either over tumblr or at norawgami@gmail.com ! In the case of questions, please check the FAQ to see if it’s been answered there first!

Redrawer and Cleaner Applications are CLOSED!

Thanks to everyone who applied! We’re really happy we got so many applications!

We’re also pleased to announce we’ve found our new redrawer (yatta!), and we’ll be screening for our new cleaner soon!

Look forward to the our new chapter release this week by the way!

· noragami ·
first i just want to say thank you very much for all the work you've all put in for providing english chapters for us readers! i was just wondering when chapter 44 will be scanlated. Like im not complaining or anything you guys are actually being very fast with the releases, but i like having a general date to look forward to instead of getting online to check if the new chapter has been translated all the time. thanks again!


We do not want to give out a release date because there’s a large chance that that date would be terribly inaccurate due to us being in the process of choosing a new cleaner and also not knowing our future cleaner’s schedule. We would prefer to work on a it’s-done-when-it’s-done basis which we realize is inconvenient for the readers - but there are alternatives to checking the blog every day! You can track the norawgami tag on tumblr or track Norgami on batoto! I hope that helps with the getting online to check thing, haha!

See you!

· ka-wai-iiiii ·
Is the team taking a hiatus until a cleaner and redrawer are selected? I noticed that updating the chapters is taking longer than usual.

Not quite a hiatus. It’s just really slow going to keep up the quality we’ve been releasing at with only one cleaner. The speed will pick up once we find ourselves with a full, reliable team again!

Thanks for the question!

are you guys still looking for cleaners?

We are currently in the process of selecting a cleaner from the applications we have received. However, if you want to apply please do not hesitate to do so! We will accept and review all applications until we announce our chosen candidate.

Thank you!

Hey there, guys, it looks like we’d be needing more of your help. We’re looking for new cleaners now since we feel another redrawer would not be enough to carry the workload we currently have (redrawer and cleaner will be separate people).

We’ll be holding a small test for the cleaner but the details are more or less the same with the redrawer. The main difference being that cleaners don’t require to have as extensive of redrawing abilities as a redrawer.

Requirements for both positions can be found here. The test for redrawer can also be found in this link.

If you wish to apply as a cleaner, please clean these three pages to the best of your abilities.


  • Kindly remove all visible sound effects and dialogue.
  • Make sure the blacks are black (removing any white specks) and the whites are whites (sometimes they’re yellow or gray so be careful!).
  • Final output should refrain from being blurry. No need to resize the pages for now!
  • Here is what the result should look like: CLICK
  1. Page 1
  2. Page 2
  3. Page 3

When you’re finished, email them to us at norawgami@gmail.com! Please direct any questions to our ask box or email. We’ll select a new redrawer and cleaner soon, hopefully!

Thank you for reading! Kindly spread the word! We appreciate all your help!

· noragami ·

A very special thank you to everyone!

Some time ago we made a post about accepting donations to aid in our efforts to bring you the best quality scanlations for Noragami and you all came to our assistance! This piece of art by Jay is to thank each and every one of you that decided to donate or signal boost the donation post! We really appreciate all of the support that we have received since starting this little group! The scanlations will keep coming and our efforts will keep continuing for the sake of the fans of such a great series!

PS) Nyaato likes being scratched behind the ears if you wanna hear him purr WINK WONK.

Hi, I had a question about the redrawer application pages; on the first page, did you want us to get rid of the text on the first panel, under the title? I couldn't remember if you normally leave that part be or not. Thanks!

Yep, every bit of text on those pages should be gone! Although it’s probably not going to be part of the standard procedure, we decided that it would be a good requirement for the application, since the skill would be a great asset to the team should the need arise.

Thanks again to all those who are applying - we hope to review your submissions soon! Good luck!

Hey there, Norawgami readers! Sick of long waits between chapters? Ever wanted to help out and become an important member of the scanlation group? Well, now’s your chance! ☆

Sadly, our main redrawer had to leave the team recently, so we’re looking for someone to fill her position. As you may be aware by now, Noragami is a manga with a lot of sound effects and dialogue overlaid on the artwork –so much, in fact, that our two remaining cleaners are getting overwhelmed. If you recall, we’ve had to start using magazine scans, which means the cleaners have their hands full just trying to make the pages look halfway decent. While they were able to handle the redraws themselves back when we were using tankobon scans, it’s simply too much work to split between two people now. So, we’ve decided to reach out to you all for help!

In short, we’re looking for someone to redraw backgrounds and characters where they’re covered by “voiceover” dialogue, sound effects, advertisements, etc., or cut off by the binding in double page spreads.

  • Ideally, we’d like someone who’s already familiar with the scanlation process, and is comfortable dealing with both lineart and screentones. Experience isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is a plus.

  • We won’t lie, the workload may get pretty heavy from time to time. The amount of redraws needed varies by chapter, with the Noragami Shuuishuu chapters (which we plan on doing when we’re caught up with the manga) being very redraw-heavy. But since we don’t have strict release deadlines, we’re able to be very flexible with our schedule.

  • We communicate almost entirely via a group Skype (text) chat, so you’ll have to be willing to put up with us there.

If you think you have what it takes to be a redrawer for Norawgami, please remove all text and sound effects from this page and this page, and join these two pages together. When you’re finished, email them to us at norawgami@gmail.com! Please direct any questions to our ask box or email. We’ll select a new redrawer soon, hopefully!

Good luck and happy redrawing! ☆

· noragami ·
Hello! I have a small question about the recently released chapter. This is possibly a spoiler alert for non-manga readers/people who didn't read the chapter yet, but is Mayu/Tomone the grandmother's daughter or something? I'm still confused.

Thanks for your question— I’ll stick the response under the Read More, in case people want to avoid any spoiler material.

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